Style Guide Creation

Standardize your written message

Document translation

A style guide is a reference material containing instructions on grammar, syntax, and stylistic rules, as well as instructions on formatting. It can be useful while document creation as well as during the translation process.

The style guide is created individually for every customer; it contains instructions specific for your company regarding corporate style and formatting of the documents.

The set of standards contained in your style guide is used by the linguists working on your project. Creation of a style guide before launch of a big translation project guarantees stylistic and formatting uniformity, taking into account your corporate preferences.

Work steps

  • Creation of the scope of work.
  • Gathering of the reference materials.
  • Selection of a linguist specializing in the given subject area.
  • Collection of information on grammar, syntax, and stylistic rules of the target language, instructions for formatting depending on document type, reference materials.
  • Creation of a style guide with notes and examples.
  • Return the ready-to-use style guide to the customer.

A style guide improves consistency between files, allows to achieve faster turnaround time of translation, as well as higher quality output.