Software Localization

Release your software to international markets

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Nowadays localization is an essential part of new market penetration since software users prefer to use the product available in their native language.

Software localization is the process of adaptation of your software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market.

It is more than translation of the user interface. The process also involves a comprehensive study of the target culture to avoid any conflicts and help you enter the local market.

We can help you reach international customers on the target markets and overtake the competitors by providing you our professional localization services.

Our procedures ensure that localization of your software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. It also includes formatting of numbers and dates, adjustment of sort orders and adaptation of fonts and images to local norms.

Software localization steps

  1. Analysis of the material received, evaluation of tools and resources required.
  2. Cultural, technical and linguistical assessment.
  3. Glossary creation.
  4. Translation and editing of the text contained in menus, dialog boxes, buttons, wizards, help module, etc, taking into account adaptation of the user interface, observing character limits in menus, form and dialog boxes.
  5. Linguistic and functional quality assurance performed on target platforms.
  6. Project delivery: the localized software version is delivered to the client.