Document Translation

Communicate directly with your customers around the world in their own language

Document translation

When your company goes global, it is important to have all your product documentation, advertisement and all other content translated into the language of the potential customers.

Why is it so vital?

  • the customers will better understand your ad campaign message
  • new markets will recognize the expertise and professionalism of your company
  • you will increase the loyalty of your customers to your brand
  • you will hold a strong position in a specific market niche

Our areas of expertise

Our company can handle translation of any type of your documentation whether it is a contract, a marketing brochure or a product manual.

Outperform Competitors Internationally

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • XML
  • TXT
  • CSV
  • InDesign (IND)
  • Illustrator(AI, EPS)
  • FrameMaker (FM, MIF)
  • Quark Express files (QXD)
  • Image file formats including scanned PDF, TIFF, JPG

Document translation workflow

  1. Project Estimation

    • schedule and budget calculation
    • determination of resources needed
    • selection of translation team
    • creation of project in a CAT tool
  2. Translation

    • transferring the meaning from the source language into the target language
    • checking that the meaning has been conveyed, there are no omissions or errors and that the specifications have been met
  3. Editing

    • checking the source text against the target text to ensure that the sense is kept, terminology and style consistency is maintained
  4. Proofreading

    • carrying out a monolingual review to assess the suitability of the translation for the target audience
  5. Quality Assurance

    • checking translated texts for spelling and punctuation errors
    • identification and correction of technical mistakes such as missed and/or untranslated fragments, extra spaces
    • verification of numerals (numbers, date, time), tag placement and terminology compliance
  6. Delivery to the Client

    • all translated files are delivered directly to you according to your deadline
  7. Post-Delivery Support

    • providing any additional consultancy upon the project