App Localization

Increase your audience, downloads and sales

Document translation

Mobile app stores are available now in over 150 countries around the world and support more than 40 languages. So the next person who will download your app could be located anywhere.

Though your app is globally available, it may not be global ready.

That’s why localizing your application for your target audience is a must to increase app downloads and sales.

App Localization Benefits

  • Availability on any platform
  • User-friendly display and keyboard
  • Positive purchasing experience

We can help you boost your sales by making applications globally available.

We are experts at app localization across all major platforms and can translate your app and its description into the required languages.

We localize

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Windows Phone apps
  • BlackBerry apps
  • Mobile hybrid apps
  • Desktop and cloud-based apps
  • Web-based apps