Law & Finance

From contracts and customs declarations to insurance or judicial documentation

Marketing translation

Translation of legal documentation

We offer precise and accurate translation services for legal businesses removing the boundaries between attorneys and clients worldwide.

We have experience in

  • administrative law
  • business law
  • civil law
  • criminal law
  • insurance law
  • corporate law
  • contract law

We translate

  • contracts
  • opinions of counsel
  • charter documents
  • power of attorney
  • insurance documents
  • judicial documents
  • customs documentation

Translation of financial documentation

From business correspondence to financial reports and budgets

We help companies communicate easily and clearly with their partners and shareholders.

We have experience in

  • investment analysis
  • risk management
  • government budget
  • fiscal policy
  • international finance

We translate

  • financial documentation
  • accounting documentation
  • audit documentation
  • bank documentation